Here you can find a range of resources to help you practise Realistic Medicine, including some inspiring examples of good practice from across Scotland

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Citizens’ Jury Recommendations 3 Jun 2019

Citizen's Jury Recommendations

In October and November last year, we held the first ever Citizens’ Jury on a health topic in Scotland. A Citizens’ Jury gathers together a group of people who are representative of the entire population, and allows them to consider evidence from a wide range of experts on a particular question: in this case, the…

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Shared Decision Making 30 May 2019

Shared Decision Making

What works to support and promote shared decision making: A synthesis of recent evidence Undertaken as part of a three month research internship with the Realistic Medicine policy team, this evidence review draws on recent international academic and policy literature applicable to Scotland to provide a summary of the evidence on how shared decision making…

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Vision of the Realistic Medicine Steering Group in Tayside 22 Mar 2019

Vision of the Realistic Medicine Steering Group in Tayside

Vision of the Realistic Medicine Steering Group in Tayside Realistic Medicine is a broad concept and in fact refers to Realistic Care. It relates to an approach that seeks to engage the Scottish people in their own health and social care and to do so with an increasingly shared understanding of what matters to each…

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Health Literacy 27 Feb 2019

Health Literacy

The health literacy website holds lots of helpful information about health literacy, as well as useful tools and techniques. The website can be accessed here.

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NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Realistic Medicine training module 13 Feb 2019

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Realistic Medicine training module

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have developed a helpful introduction to Realistic Medicine for clinicians, health and care professionals, and members of the public. The module can be accessed here.

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Helping us Grow Group (HUGG) 21 Nov 2018

Helping us Grow Group (HUGG)

This is a unique collaboration of families and staff in the neonatal unit of the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Their aim is to support parents to be primary caregivers for their baby, no matter how sick, in partnership with clinical staff. This is a model of Family Integrated Care (FIC). Two key elements…

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Parkhead GPs 8 Oct 2018

Parkhead GPs

A number of pioneering schemes across Scotland have recently shown the potential of providing holistic support services in healthcare settings to help people address wider life circumstances affecting their health. In December 2015, two GP practices serving some of the most deprived communities in Scotland began a new experiment. Working with the doctors and practice…

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Big Noise 8 Sep 2018

Big Noise

Improving health, wellbeing, and life chances by making a ‘Big Noise’

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