E-learning module on shared decision making

An online e-learning module on shared decision making is now live: https://learn.nes.nhs.scot/24729 The module, developed by NES, gives healthcare professionals some practical guidance and tips on how to use shared decision making in their conversations. One of the recommendations from the Citizens’ Jury was for health and care professionals to have access to training in…

The Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities has been revised

The Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities has been revised Everyone who uses NHS services in Scotland has rights about how they access and receive their care. These rights ensure people are treated safely, fairly and effectively, and with consideration, dignity and respect. It’s important that you know your rights and understand what you can…

Case Study – NHS Orkney

“Realistic Medicine” has prompted and supported changes to the way NHS Orkney deliver maternity care for women with diabetes in a remote setting   The aim is to provide as much care locally as is safely possible, reducing unnecessary and costly travel and disruption for women and families and avoiding taking up unnecessary appointment times…

What does Realistic Medicine mean for my organisation?

What does Realistic Medicine mean for my organisation? Dr Alex Stirling explains what Realistic Medicine really means for NHS National Services Scotland (NSS). Speaking as NSS’s Clinical Lead for Realistic Medicine Dr Stirling explained: “As a Consultant in public health I’m used to looking at different areas and topics from a holistic point of view….

Dr Catherine Calderwood on Good Morning Scotland

Dr Calderwood spoke to the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland about Realistic Medicine, growing up in Belfast, and her work as Chief Medical Officer. The programme is available on the BBC website until the 12th of August 2019. Catherine’s slot starts at around 30 minutes in.

Realistic Medicine in NHS Borders

Borders General Hospital Newsletter; 15 May Conference Poster and Presentation, Email charter and Feedback chart:   Borders – Realistic Medicine Newsletter Borders – Realistic Medicine Poster Borders – Personalising Realistic Medicine Presentation Borders – Email charter Borders – Realistic Medicine Feedback Chart      

Developing a Leg Ulcer

Developing a Leg Ulcer Pathway   What did we do? In January 2018 the community nursing team in NHS Orkney recognised that there was no standardised process for the management of patients with leg ulceration, a group was formed to address this. Aims and objectives: To create a standardised approach to managing patients with leg…


  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a major healthcare challenge. More and more people are being diagnosed with COPD, but patients aren’t able to access good quality care and treatment for their condition.   People with COPD can suffer from flare-ups of their condition, when their breathing becomes much worse than normal. These episodes…

Publication of Personalising Realistic Medicine

  The Chief Medical Officer published her fourth report, Personalising Realistic Medicine, on the 25th of April 2019.   The report is available on the Scottish Government website. You can also read Catherine’s column all about the report in the Scotsman here.

Transforming the Hand Surgery Assessment Pathway in the Western Isles

  Transforming the Hand Surgery Assessment Pathway in the Western Isles   NHS WI Tec Team, Orthopedic Team and NHSGGC Royal Infirmary based Orthopedic Hand Surgeon Grzegorz Sianos worked together to transform the hand surgery pathway for island patients. The development of the first in the country Hand Surgery Video Clinic based on the Attend…