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Demonstrating professionalism through approach, behaviour and attitudes of Realistic Medicine

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Welcome from the Chief Medical Officer

One of the main aims of Realistic Medicine is for people using healthcare services and their families to feel empowered to discuss their treatment fully with healthcare professionals, including the possibility that a suggested treatment might come with side effects – or even negative outcomes. Everyone should feel able to ask their healthcare professional why they’ve suggested a test, treatment or procedure, and all decisions about a person’s care should be made jointly between the individual and their healthcare team.

“By 2025, everyone who provides healthcare in Scotland will demonstrate their professionalism through the approaches, behaviours and attitudes of Realistic Medicine.”  Dr Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer

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Realistic News

Dr Catherine Calderwood on Good Morning Scotland

July 15, 2019

Dr Calderwood spoke to the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland about Realistic Medicine, growing up in Belfast, and her work as Chief Medical Officer. The programme is available on the BBC website until the 12th of August 2019. Catherine’s slot starts at around 30 minutes in.

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Using the Scottish Atlas of Healthcare Variation: Case Studies

July 1, 2019

Using the Scottish Atlas of Healthcare Variation: Case Studies The Scottish Atlas of Healthcare Variation is already being successfully used in a number of Boards. In May 2019, Dr Catherine Calderwood wrote to Medical Directors and Directors of Public Health to ask them to share their processes for reporting on the Atlas maps. CMO Letter…

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Living Realistically Event in Tayside May 2019

June 24, 2019

Tayside Realistic Medicine Conference Programme   Morning Presentations 1 – S Thakore 09_30 AM RM Conference Intro 2 – A Coulson 10.00 RM conf pres 17.5.19 3 – F Benison 10.00 RM Presentation 4 – K Arrow RM presentation 5 – G Smith Tayside RM Conference 17 05 19 6 – R Mountain Mac 11.10…

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