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Demonstrating professionalism through approach, behaviour and attitudes of Realistic Medicine

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Welcome from the Chief Medical Officer

One of the main aims of Realistic Medicine is for people using healthcare services and their families to feel empowered to discuss their treatment fully with healthcare professionals, including the possibility that a suggested treatment might come with side effects – or even negative outcomes. Everyone should feel able to ask their healthcare professional why they’ve suggested a test, treatment or procedure, and all decisions about a person’s care should be made jointly between the individual and their healthcare team.

“By 2025, everyone who provides healthcare in Scotland will demonstrate their professionalism through the approaches, behaviours and attitudes of Realistic Medicine.”  Dr Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer

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Realistic News

What does Realistic Medicine mean for my organisation?

September 4, 2019

What does Realistic Medicine mean for my organisation? Dr Alex Stirling explains what Realistic Medicine really means for NHS National Services Scotland (NSS). Speaking as NSS’s Clinical Lead for Realistic Medicine Dr Stirling explained: “As a Consultant in public health I’m used to looking at different areas and topics from a holistic point of view….

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August 2, 2019

REALISTIC MEDICINE CONFERENCE 2019 – MAKING IT PERSONAL Booking for the Realistic Medicine Conference 2019 is now open! Please follow the link below to book your space. Please note that the programme is subject to change, and full delegate packs will be available on arrival. We hope to see you there!

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